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16th-Aug-2013 04:38 pm - [action]
tl;dr introspection )

Once she had composed herself from the tears, Cloche will find herself sitting on the shore of what was Lake Catheria, not far from where her house with her fake family had been not long ago. She had watched it crumble away, along with the illusions she knew to be her parents. The shoreline is where she'll stay overnight, just watching the waves and thinking about everything that had transpired, putting her fragmented thoughts into a whole thought, placing memories where they should be. Even the chill at night isn't enough to deter her. While she's very obviously in her own world and not really taking notice of those who might be around her, she can be shaken out of it. She'll talk. Perhaps, for as lonely as she is, she's all right with someone pulling her out of what she's feeling, as much as she might not admit it.]
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23rd-Jan-2013 01:25 pm - video
[Christmas had been good to Cloche; particularly the fact that she had gotten a TON of collectable Gergo merchandise. It even included some limited run items that she wasn't able to obtain in Metafalss.

But it's not the same without Cocona here. No Gergo friends here in Luceti. So, she would just have to make them.

Her video feed opens with her favourite Gergo plush 'waving' at the camera. After, she'll move it away and smile.]

Hello, Luceti. Today, I'd like to tell you about the wonderful, ugly-cute Gergo. He's incredibly popular where I come from, and he has a lot of merchandise. His appeal is his ugly-cuteness- -but I think he's just cute. Gergo even has collectable, limited items! One that was brought to me this past holiday was a toothbrush I was not able to get in my world.

I was hoping I would find someone here that could share my appreciation and love for Gergo. Is there anyone here that would? I can answer questions about him as well.

[And with that, Gergo will 'wave' once more before Cloche ends the video.]
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22nd-Dec-2012 02:25 pm - [action/video]
[Sometime this morning, Cloche will be out and about her normal routine dressed a lot warmer than she would normally be (save for her legs, but she needs that Grade S Zettai Ryouiki going on for her.)

However, on her slog through the plaza, it's the tree in place of the fountain that catches her eye when she approaches. She moves from a brisk walk to a jog, and from a jog to a full out run to see what this tree is. When she sees it in its full glory, Cloche will stand and stare. There was nothing like this in Metafalss! This is probably the most gorgeous thing ever to her right now. Catch her in the morning staring at the tree, lights and ornaments sparkling in her eyes. It's so romantic, isn't it?]

[Later on, once she's done staring at the Christmas tree and is back home in her room, she'll turn on a feed with a smile and wave.]

Hello, Luceti, and hello to all the new feathers. My name is Cloche, and I'm talking to everyone today to advertise the acting guild that I... inherited from one of the former residents here.

As I said, it's for actors, singers, dancers, and anyone who loves the work of a stage. I would like some new recruits, and if I could also get a headcount on how many who are still here in Luceti that were in it before. I don't have Roy's records, so I can't go by those.

For those who might not be interested in acting, but would like to contribute to us, I would like to know any myths and legends from different worlds. I know many residents here in Luceti are from worlds not like any other, and I would like to hear any of those to possibly put into a stage work. If there's anyone else I could have to write stage works out of any we get, that would be even better.

One last thing, if anyone knows of any empty buildings I could use for meetings for the acting guild, that would be much appreciated. That way we won't have to be outside in the snow during the winter months.

I believe that was all I wanted to address. Thank you, and I hope to hear from people soon!
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16th-Nov-2012 01:37 pm - action
[You know what's awesome? Being able to talk and sing. That's what Cloche woke up to today, in fact. Because of that, she will be going around town to get her daily necessities such as food and tea while singing. Everywhere. Implanta included. Anything she can sing, she will be.

Catch Cloche around town singing, it'll be an all day thing.]
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24th-Oct-2012 01:50 pm - [action/written]
[Being kidnapped for nearly two weeks was not Cloche's ideal vacation from Luceti. Neither was being dropped into a cold fountain in a New Feather dress, for that matter. Had she been unconscious when that happened - and she had been! - she wasn't any longer. Cloche flails and yells - or she thinks she does - and flops around like a fish out of water before realizing where she was. Then... oh, yeah it's cold! Practically leaps out of the water. She'll wrap her arms around herself, and start the trudge back to her room.]

[A little later, once she gets back home and into warmer clothes, she'll be writing in her journal, most strange for her.]

I've been returned.

... the Malnosso have taken my ability to speak. I guess it was for talking back to them while I was in their... "care" for nearly two weeks.

[At least, that would be her guess.]
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14th-Sep-2012 03:07 pm - [written]
[After the events of a week and a half ago, Cloche got herself out of the clinic that she was inevitably brought to, and has been hiding out in her room. After trying to remember what happened, she can only remember bits and pieces of that day. The other reyvateils left and... then she had an outbreak. People tried to help, she's sure of that. But how much hurt did she cause?

She'll open up her journal and write a short message.]

I'm sorry. If I hurt anybody too badly, I'm so sorry.

[She knows at least one person won't see that message. That just makes her feel worse, knowing that someone went home without her properly apologizing to him. It can't be helped, and for now, Cloche will stay where she is.]
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22nd-Jul-2012 01:56 pm - [action/written]
cut for some introspection stuff. )

[After gathering up the food that had spilled in front of Roy's old room in CH4, Cloche might be seen zombie-walking back to her room in CH5, loosely holding a basket full of food. It definitely doesn't look all that great now. To anyone who looks closely, Cloche's eyes are red and puffy, and she's prone to bursts of tears.]

[After some time in her room, she'll finally muster up the ability to write something. Speaking about it is too hard right now.]

Roy has gone home to Falena.

[And after a pause in writing:]
If you were in his drama group, and would still like to be, please let me know. I'll try to keep it up as long as I can.
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9th-Jun-2012 01:52 am - [voice/action]
Urrgh, I think that last experiment made me sick. I think it was the teleporting and then being... something I shouldn't be. But thank you, all the same, to those that helped me when I was a child. But now, what's the best way to start feeling better?

[She knows that something isn't right, at least.

Upon any suggestion, she might be seen at Seventh Heaven grabbing some soup, and then to the tea house for tea.

She'll be looking more drunk, stumbling home. Being feverish while out and about does that to a person. There may or may not be a trip into the fountain to cool down!]
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